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+1 909-599-6291 (International)

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Technical support hours end @ 3:45 PM (Pacific Time)

Contact QuickSilver Controls for technical support, training information and Sales questions. We have a dedicated team ready to help your team and your project.

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QuickSilver Controls is happy to supply and support customers factory direct. This includes sizing, engineering support, and even custom product configurations. Please contact our sales team for quotes, lead times, and orders. Let us know how we can help move your designs forward!

QuickSilver Controls,
Thank you so much for your patience and directing me to the right direction despite the difficulties over the phone. Tracing back the wires for the power blockage was the key to finding the issue. It took me a long time but I did find the issue. Faulty door sensor prevented power through.
Again thank you very much!
Nima Hirantner
Elma Electronic