The QCI Advantage

More Torque for Less Money

Our systems are typically $300-400 less than traditional servo motors, yet have 2-4 times their continuous torque. In addition, only a single cable is required for the NEMA 17 and 23 frame servos motors. We also support many 3rd party micro stepper motors.

Power Saving/High Efficiency

Efficiency is key. Our servo controllers run cool–which means low power or high efficiency. Our patented drive technology, combined with the inherent power savings of closed loop (servo) vs. open loop (stepper) yields power savings. Since our motors run closed loop (servo) the driver only puts as much current into the motor as required to put the motor on target, verses a stepping drive which runs at full current most of the time. The result–our motors run cooler and require 50%-75% less energy than the same motor used on a step drive. On a 24/7 application, this represents over $100/yr savings.

We’re Customer-Driven

Our specialty is cost effective servo control, and our focus is on maintaining product flexibility and ease of use. QCI understands that innovation is customer-driven. We invite your input and specific requests, so that we can continue to improve our high-performance motion control systems to fit your needs.

High Inertial Loads (Eliminates Gearheads)

Our digital four quadrant driver and servo loop uses sophisticated motion control algorithms to take advantage of our high-torque capability, providing direct-drive of high inertia loads such as flywheels and belt drives. These load inertias may be as large as 100 times the motor inertia (100:1 inertia mismatch) while still providing smooth responsive positioning control. Traditional servo systems typically cannot exceed a 10:1 inertial mismatch. This often eliminates gearheads for inertial mismatch reduction.

Rapid Application Development

QuickControl®, our Windows® based development software, is very easy to use and is designed to get the first time user programming moves in minutes. Using a simple menu driven approach, you quickly select commands from a list and enter the required parameters. You may create and download a program to the controller by following the simple tutorial or cut and paste code from many examples. QuickControl includes many features to debug your programs such as single step, trace, breakpoint, and register watch.